Wednesday, April 13, 2016


A summer of smiles filled with theater magic no matter where you are!
There's singing, dancing, acting & fun every morning!   
It’s a whole new world. We're seizing this extraordinary time and embracing what we've learned over the last months to offer you the best and most effective virtual Summer Theater Arts classes to stay safe and keep those creative fires burning!

Our exciting Music, Dance and Acting Classes 
§  limit the number of participants and screen time
§  incorporate humor and surprises
§  nurture creative energy, talent and friendship!

Monday through Friday 10am
          June 29 July 17                        
July 20 – Aug 7             
Aug 10 Aug 28           
Acting – Music – Dance  
Classes encompass
§  acting technique and improvisation
§  dance warmup and choreography
§  vocal technique, sight reading & ear training
§  theater history and gossip!

Ages 6–21 divided by age and experience   
STAGE 1 Let's Begin! (Age 6–8) Sparks the imagination of youngsters, introducing them to singing, acting and dance through fun, nurturing, collaborative play.
§  Story-telling, improvisation and clowning with lots of laughter & silliness! 
§  Breathing warm-ups and exercises include funny face stretches and tongue-twisters! Kids learn show tunes, call and response and acapella singing while having a blast telling stories through song. 
§  Creative movement from stretches and wiggles (and giggles!) to fun musical theater choreography instill the love of dance in every child.   

STAGE 2 Are you Ready! (Age 913) Exuberant, intermediate level students leap into their work as actors, dancers and singers in classes designed to fit individual learning levels to build confidence, nurture creativity and have fun!
§  Fundamental voice techniques include breath control, harmony and ear training while singing a repertoire of classic and contemporary musical theater.
§  Leap, jump, groove and glide in exciting dance classes exploring all styles of theater dance plus warm ups, technique, and exciting combinations that put new skills to the test.
§  Young Actors breathe life into short scenes and monologues and put new techniques together to act a song, sing a scene, dance the music.

STAGE 3 The ultimate actors tool-box!  (Age 14–21) Advanced musical theater students embrace their inner triple-threat!  Delve deep into vocal, dance, and acting techniques for theater and film.
§  The perfect introduction to the rigor that emerges from conservatory-style training of the craft
§  Incorporates exercises, scene study, on camera acting, sensory work, monologues, breathing, sight singing, choreography, auditions and more.  
§  Develop a solid foundation of the craft through the mind, body, heart and spirit.

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