Friday, June 5, 2020

CALLING ALL PLAYWRIGHTS! Announcing the AMAZE Short Play Competition!


Envison your original play coming to life!


Scroll down for more requirement details.


Your AMAZE original material will allow Clocktower company members to stay creative, active and motivated during these troubling times.

“We can’t IMAGINE our lives without Clocktower Players.” 
– Annika Martens, Teen Troupe
Plays for performers age 7-12 must be no more than 10 minutes long.

Plays for teen & adult performers must be 10-20 minutes long.

Entries may be in any genre (no musicals).

Play can be performed by minimum of  2 but a maximum of 9 performers.

Stage directions must be  suitable for online performance.

A title page excluding the playwrights name, a brief synopsis and list of characters must be included with each script.

To assure anonymity during the judging process, writers must include a separatepage with play title, playwright name and all contact data.

Blind submissions  will be sent to judges. The writers data page will not be given to the judges.

Strength of characterization, writing style, dialogue, and plot that best suits the age of performers are among judging criteria.


Thursday, July 11, 2019

2019-20 THE SEASON

Main Stage Award Winning Community Theater, TWELFTH NIGHT

Join the Party and PLAY ON! 
Regional PREMIERE! Kwame Kwei-Armah and Shaina Taub’s “blissfu​l, happiness-drenched” (NY TIMES) musical adaptation of Shakespeare's Twelfth Night is a free-spirited, thoroughly delightful gloss on the bard’s beloved comedy.  Featuring Taub’s buoyant jazz-funk-and-R&B-inflected score this exuberant, inclusive party is a joyful tale of mistaken identity, self-discovery, and true love. 
"The show’s concluding, celebratory song asks us to “see through the eyes of another, hear through the ears of somebody else.” That’s when you realize that  it’s empathy that makes this production feel like such a blessing​.” NY TIMES
 ​A musical adaptation of WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE’S Twelfth Night
Music and Lyrics by 
Direction & Musical Direction by GEORGE H. CROOM


November 9, 2019 at​ 7:30pm
November 10, 2019 at 2:00pm
November 16, 2019 at 7:30pm
November 17, 2019 at 2:00pm


VIOLA                                                             Molly Anne
OLIVIA                                                            Rachel Schulte
MARIA                                                            Arshia Panicker
FESTE                                                             Violet Wang
ORSINO                                                           Kevin Thompson
SIR TOBY                                                        Matthew Casey
SIR ANDREW                                                 Shawn Allen
MALVOLIO                                                     Luis Quintero Jr
FABIAN                                                          Christopher Oldi
SEBASTIAN                                                    Leonard J. Moore II
ANTONIO                                                       Maurice Alpharicio

Men and Women of Illyria:
Christina Bancroft    
Miriam Chester
Rachel Heyman
Larry E.  Johnson
Melissa Kim
Sean Murtha
Sopio Murusidze
Jesse Pellegrino
Catherine Saraceno
Giselle Soto

Play On
Feste, Orsino, Viola, Olivia, Illyrians
Word on the Street I
Tell Her
Orsino, Viola
If You Were My Beloved
Orsino, Olivia, Viola
If You Were My Beloved (Reprise)
Viola's Soliloquy
You're the Worst
Feste, Sir Andrew, Fabian, Sir Toby, Maria, Malvolio, Illyrians
Is This Not Love?
Feste, Orsino, Viola
Count Malvolio
Malvolio, Illyrians
I Am She
Olivia, Viola
Word on the Street II
Count Malvolio (Reprise)
What Kind of Man Are You Gonna Be?
Sir Toby, Viola, Sir Andrew, Illyrians
Viola Soliloquy (Reprise)
Sebastian's Soliloquy
Sebastian, Olivia, Illyrian Officiant
Word on the Street III
Viola's Soliloquy (2nd Reprise)
Viola, Sebastian, Orsino, Olivia
Tell Her (Reprise)
Orsino, Viola
I Am She (Reprise)
Olivia, Viola
Malvolio's Exit
Is This Not Love? (Reprise)
Wedding Singer & All
Eyes of Another

MAIN STAGE Award Winning Community Theater


Join the Party as Clocktower kicks off the season Saturday October 5th celebrating the music of the legendary rock ‘n’ roll songwriting duo, Leiber and Stoller! This Grammy-winning, Tony- nominated smash hit features 40 of the greatest songs ever recorded. SMOKEY JOE'S CAFE isn't just great pop music - it's compelling musical theatre thrilling theatergoers with its enduring themes and searing emotions.

Lyrics and Music by Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller
Conceived by Jack Viertel
Choreography by Jennifer Jonas Cahill
Produced by Cagle McDonald
Direction & Musical Direction by George H. Croom

STARRING Miquel Acevedo, 
Larry Johnson, Tony Melson, Mika Nishida, Rene O’Neal,
Romello Rodriguez, Lili Thomas, Tilden Todd, Jen Vadella, Ashley Wool, Denis Zepeda

Pre-Troupe Fall & Spring 2019-20, Acting Adventures


Youngsters eager to perform get a terrific all-around first theater experience.  Acting, singing and dancing as they bring a different story to life each week using fanciful costumes, props,  music and foremost, their own imagination!

Age 4 – Grade 1
Tuesdays 3:30-4:30
FALL Begins Sept 17, 2019
SPRING Begins Jan 7, 2020

Fall (12 sessions)
Sept 17
Sept 24

Oct 1 CLOSED Rosh Hashahah
Oct 8
Oct 15
Oct 22 
Main Street School Auditorium
Oct 29
Nov 5  Main Street School Auditorium
Nov 12

Nov 19 Main Street School Auditorium
Nov 26 Main Street School Auditorium 
Dec 3 
 Main Street School Auditorium 
Dec 10 IT
Spring (12 sessions) all locations TBA
Jan 7
Jan 14
Jan 21
Jan 29
Feb 4 
Feb 11
Feb 18 CLOSED Winter break
Feb 25
March 3
March 10 Main Street School Auditorium 
March 17
March 24  
 Main Street School Auditorium March 31  Last Class - with parents

Teen Troupe, The Mystery of Edwin Drood

Take a trip back in time to a Victorian music hall where a delightfully loony ensemble of actors stage Charles Dickens’ unfinished novel. Everyone is a suspect in this rollicking Tony® “Triple Crown” WINNER –  Best Musical, Best Book, and Best Score! It’s the only show in town that ends differently every night, depending on what the audience decides.

A Musical by Rupert Holmes (50%)
Original Broadway production produced by
the New York Shakespeare Festival, Joseph Papp, Producer
Produced by Cagle McDonald & Rene O’Neal
Choreography by Jennifer Jonas Cahill
Direction & Musical Direction by George H. Croom 

Grades 9-12
Fridays 3:45 – 6:45PM
Begins September 13, 2019
Tuition: $1045        

Sept 13 Irvington Theater
Sept 20  Main Street School
Sept 27 Main Street School
Oct 4 Irvington Theater
Oct 11 Main Street School
Oct 18 Main Street School
Oct 25 
Irvington Presbyterian Church.
Oct 26 (Saturday)  HOLD-11am - 2pm  Location TBD
Nov 1 Main Street School
Nov 8
  Main Street School rehearsal ends at 6pm
Nov 15  Main Street School
Nov 22
 Main Street School
Nov 23 (Saturday)  HOLD-11am - 2pm  Location TBD
Nov 29  CLOSED Thanksgiving
Dec 6 Irvington Theater
Dec 13 Main Street School
Dec 20 Irvington Theater **Everyone needs to be off-book
Dec 27 CLOSED Holidays
Jan 3 CLOSED Holidays
Jan 10 Main Street School
Jan 17 
Irvington Theater
Jan 18 (Saturday)  HOLD-11am - 2pm  Location TBD
Jan 24 Main Street School
Jan 31 3:45- 9:45Main Street School
Sat Feb 1, HOLD   
11am - 2pm  Location TBD
Sun Feb 2, 12 -5pm Irvington Theater
Mon Feb 3
, 5pm - 9:30 pm Irvington Theater
Tue Feb 4, 5pm - 9:30 pm Irvington Theater
Wed Feb 5, 5pm - 9:30 pm Irvington Theater
Thur Feb 6, 5pm - 9:30 pm 
Irvington Theater

Performances:Irvington Theater
February 7, 2020 at 7:30pm

February 8, 2020 at 7:30pm
SNOW DATE Feb 9 at 2pm

10% discount for 15+ tickets

A limited number of FREE tickets for first responders


Mr William Cartwright  – The Chairman                             Arthur O’Sullivan
Mr James Throttle – The Stage Manager                              David Luftig
Mr Clive Paget/John Jasper                                                   Jack Finegan
Miss Alice Nutting/Edwind Drood                                        Malia McLellan
Miss Dierdre Peregrine/Rosa Bud                                         Guiliana DeMarnis
Miss Janet Conover/Helena Landless                                    Annika Mertens
Mr Victor Grinstead/Neville Landless                                   Nick Varsames
Mr Cedric Moncrieffe/Rev. Crisparkle                                   Oscar Salvaggio
Miss Angela Prysock/Princess Puffer                                    Raven Montagna
Mr Nick Cricker/Durdles                                                       James Heins
Mr Nick Cricker Jr/Deputy                                                     Jack Lobel
Mr Philip Bax/Bazzard/Waiter                                             Owen Gartlan
Miss Isobel Yearsley/Wendy                                                  Miriam Chester
Miss Florence Gill/Beatrice                                                    Emma Koonce
Miss Charlotte Dickenson/Flo                                               Ellie O’Sullivan
Mr Harry Sayle/Shade of Jasper/Horace                              Aidan Duver
Miss Delia Morgan /Shade of Drood/Chambermaid            Melissa Kim
Citizens Of Closterham/Members Of The Company
Mr Nicolas Michael                                                                Theodore Levin
Mr Alan Eliot                                                                          Leo Jame McLaughlin III
Mr Christopher Lyon                                                              Lucas Turano
Mr Medford Moss                                                                   Anthony Archer
Mr Alan Eliot                                                                          Victor Varsames
Miss Sarah Cook/Chambermaid                                            Grace Jersey
Miss Mariah Pruitt/Chambermaid                                       Carolina Javier
Miss Winnifred Parcival/Chambermaid                                Julia Levin
Miss Gwendolen Pynn                                                            Caroline Bayer
Miss Violet Balfour                                                                 Mae Hawkins
Miss Evageline Doddery                                                         Maeve Van Engen


There You Are                                           The Chairman and Company
A Man Could Go Quite Mad                     Jasper
Two Kinsman                                            Drood and Jasper
Moonfall                                                    Rosa
Moonfall Quartet                                       Rosa, Helena, Wendy, Beatrice and Chambermaids
The Wages Of Sin                                     Puffer
The Opium Ballet                                      Shade Drood, Shade Jasper and Ensemble
Ceylon/A British Subject                          Helena, Neville, Drood, Rosa, Crisparkle, Jasper, Ensemble
Both Sides Of The Coin                            The Chairman and Jasper
Perfect Strangers                                       Drood and Rosa
No Good Can Come From Bad                 Neville, Rosa, Helena, Crisparkle, Jasper, Drood, Bazzard
Never The Luck                                        Bazzard and Ensemble
Off To The Races                                      The Chairman, Durdles, Deputy and Company

An English Music Hall                              The Chairman and Company
Private Investigation*                                 Datchery, Puffer and Ensemble
The Name Of Love/Moonfall                     Jasper, Rosa and Company
Don’t Quit While You’re Ahead                Full Company
Garden Path To Hell                                    Puffer
Puffer’s Revelation                                      Puffer
Out On A Limerick                                     The Real Datchery (?)
Jasper’s Confession                                     Jasper
Murderer’s Confession                                The Real Murderer (?)
Perfect Strangers reprise                              The Lovers (?)
Writing On The Wall                                   Drood and Company

JR TEEN TROUPE, Legally Blonde The Musical

The international award-winning hit based on the adored movie, Legally Blonde The Musical follows the transformation of Harvard's beloved blonde as she tackles stereotypes and scandal in pursuit of her dreams. The funniest, most fabulous musical around, case closed.

Music & Lyrics
Laurence O'Keefe and Nell Benjamin
Book Heather Hack
Based on the novel by Amanda Brown and the Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer motion picture
Produced by Cagle McDonald & Rene O’Neal
Choreography by Jesse Pellegrino
Musical Direction by Rachel Cohen
Directed by Jennifer Jonas Cahill

Begins SEPT 12, 2019
Tuition: $1012

Sept 12 Irvington Theater
Sept 19  Irvington Theater
Sept 26  Irvington Theater
Oct 3  Irvington Theater
Oct 10  Irvington Theater
Oct 17  Irvington Theater
Oct 24  Irvington Presbyterian Church.
Oct  31 Halloween CLOSED
Nov 7 Main Street School
Nov 14  
 Irvington Theater 
Nov 21 Main Street School
Nov 28  CLOSED Thanksgiving
Dec 5 Main Street School
Dec 12 Irvington Presbyterian Church
Dec 19  
LOCATION TBA **Everyone needs to be off-book**
Dec 26 CLOSED Holidays
Jan 2 CLOSED Holidays
Jan 9  Irvington Theater
Sat Jan 11 HOLD  11am -2pm Location TBA
Jan 12 12-5pm  Irvington Theater
Jan 16  Irvington Theater
Sun Jan 19  12- 5pm  Irvington Theater
Mon Jan 20 MARTIN LUTHER KING JR DAY  2pm,-6pm  Irvington Theater
Tues Jan 21 4:30-8:30pm  Irvington Theater
Wed Jan 21 4:30-8:30pm  Irvington Theater
Thurs Jan 23 4:30-8:30pm 
 Irvington Theater

Performances:  Irvington Theater
January 24, 2020 at 7:30pm

January 25, 2020 at 7:30 pm

SNOW DATE January 26, 2020 at 2:00pm

10% discount for 15+ tickets
A limited number of FREE tickets for first responders

Congratulations Everyone!

Legally Blonde Cast List

Elle - Jordan Pak
Margot - August Mollo
Serena - Minori Furtado
Pilar - Alea Gray
Emmet - Izzy Failla
Paulette - Isabella Perkins
Callahan - Marlow Goldsmith
Warner - Glen Feng
Vivienne - Kylie Hogan
Brooke - Abby Vincent
Enid - Gabby Kheyman
Sundeep - Jacob Souza
Aaron - Sahana Harsha
Whitney - Mika Tulin
Chutney - Elena Lark
Judge - Abigail Choi
Grandmaster Chad - Jordana Laks
Gaelen (Delta Nu) - Clio Foley
Kate (Delta Nu) - Carlin McKinnon
Saleswoman - Jelena Herceg
Store Manager - Eve Bolger
Kyle - Ethan Gartlan
Dewey - Jacob Souza
Winthrop - Maggie Ho Tai
Lowell - Ella Liu
Pforzheimer - Gianna Phillips
Jet Blue Pilot - Ramona Bohdanowycz
Sabrina (Salon Girl) - Jane Bolger 
Guard - Zoe Seltzer
Bookish Client (Salon Girl) - Lena Svigals
Kiki the colorist (Salon Worker) - Annabella Javier
Cashier (Salon Worker) - Sabrina Pasternak

Greek Chorus:
Eve B, Jane B, Minori F, Clio F, Alea G, Jelena H, Annabella J, Jordana L, Carlin M, August M, Lena S, Abby V, Sabrina P

Harvard Students:
Ramona B, Abigail C, Sahana H, Maggie H, Gabby K, Elena L, Ella L, Gianna P, Zoe S, Jacob S, Mika T, Ethan G, Glen F, Kylie H

Musical Numbers

Act I

“Omigod You Guys” – Elle, Serena, Margot, Pilar and Company
“Serious” – Elle and Warner and Waiters 
“What You Want” – Elle, Serena, Margot, Pilar, Kate, Grandmaster Chad and Company
“The Harvard Variations” – Emmett, Aaron, Enid, Sundeep and Harvard Students
“Blood in the Water” – Callahan and Company
“Positive” – Elle, Serena, Margot, Pilar and Company
“Ireland” – Paulette
“Ireland (Reprise)” – Paulette
“Chip on My Shoulder” – Elle, Emmett and Company
“Run Rufus Run/Elle Reflects” – Elle and Emmett
“So Much Better” – Elle and Company

Act II

“Whipped into Shape” – Brooke, Callahan and Company
“Bend and Snap” – Elle, Paulette, Serena, Margot, Pilar and Company
“Legally Blonde” – Elle and Emmett
“Legally Blonde Remix” – Vivienne, Elle, Enid, Brooke and Company
“Find My Way/Finale” – Elle, Paulette, Emmett and Company